A busy few months.

Its been such a busy few months that I haven’t had time to think let alone write but I thought that book week was the perfect opportunity to let you all know what I have been up to. Let me start at the beginning. My first ever book launch! It was a fabulous day with loads of kids (and adults) fascinated at seeing the original illustrations from Starring Walter Pigeon. There were give aways and colouring pages but most importantly, to complete the movie going experience everyone got to snack on some popcorn and fantails.



After that fun but exhausting day came a visit to the local bookshop for some book signings and an interview which you can read here (might need to scroll a bit). Then it was off for some super fun school visits.



Not having done a school visit before I decided it would be good practice to attend my own children’s school. I’m already part of the furniture there, so felt right at home. After a reading to the special unit and kinder kids, it was onto the older kids who were also treated to a drawing class. I was surprised how much they loved it.











So now confident that I knew what I was doing I headed out to visit some other schools. This was when I realised that compared to others, my school was relatively small. Not one to shy away from a crowd I got to work.




Finally with  a break before a few more school visits it was back home to make some book week costumes for my girls. 



That’s all for now. I’m off to the studio to work on my portfolio  for the SCBWI ACT conference in two weeks.  Be back soon with a full report.

Dont forget if you would like a copy of Starring Walter Pigeon you can find it here.



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